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  • Seoul Provides Two Million Masks to 380,000 People with Disabilities

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 2173

    With concern of local reinfections from the mass outbreak of COVID-19 at clubs in Itaewon and bars near Hongik University, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will provide masks to people with disabilities who urgently need assistance from those around them due to the restriction on activities.

    This will apply to 385,846 individuals with disabilities who are registered in Seoul, and each individual will receive five masks for a total distribution number of two million masks. The masks will be mailed by post starting May 19.

    Due to the rising demand for breathable dental masks in the fast-approaching summer season, the SMG will provide dental masks that have been imported from overseas. The SMG tested the quality and functions of the imported masks at the Seoul Research Institute of Public Health and Environment, and their air filtration efficiency (ability to filter particulate matter) was found to match that of KF-rated masks by 70%.

    In addition, Seoul began operation of the SMG Disinfection Goods Countermeasures Headquarters in March to direct its energy to the supply of goods for the prevention and control of COVID-19. The headquarters secured masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers, personal protective equipment and the like to support screening clinics and medical institutions as well as groups vulnerable to infections such as pregnant women, migrant workers, childcare centers, convalescent facilities, slums, and multi-use facilities.