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  • Seoul Provides the Maintenance Fee to Support the Preservation of Seoul Future Heritage and the Production of the Heritage’s Promotional Materials

  • SMG 1461

    Following the first half of 2019, Seoul continues to offer support of up to KRW 15 million for small-scale repairs and environmental improvements for the maintenance of Seoul Future Heritage, the tangible and intangible heritage that characterize modern-day Seoul. Seoul also offers tailored support, as the city produces the promotional materials for the Future Heritage that needs to be advertised. Through the practical support for the preservation of the Future Heritage, the city will be helping to keep the Future Heritage intact for a longer period of time, as it is on the verge of destruction and damage. Seoul Future Heritage is the modern heritage in Seoul that contains the common memories and emotions shared by a great number of citizens. As of today, the city of Seoul has selected a total of 461 pieces of tangible and intangible Seoul Future Heritage.

    Unlike the cultural properties that are maintained in accordance with the law, the Seoul Future Heritage is, in principle, discovered and preserved by citizens for the citizens. Thus, the Future Heritage is largely exposed to destruction and damage due to social changes like urban development. This is why the city of Seoul has accepted the advice of experts and opinions from policy discussions which stated that minimum tailored support is required for the functional maintenance of the Future Heritage and its sustainable preservation and use. The city has been pursuing the tailored support project since 2018.

    In the first half of 2019, the city selected 15 pieces of Future Heritage through the tailored support project to offer support for small-scale repairs and improvements to the environment, and made 25 promotion materials for 24 Future Heritages. In the second half of this year, again, the city will conduct small-scale repairs and environmental improvements for the facilities whose owners have insufficient abilities for maintenance and for small stores with poor business environments. The eligible applicants for the support in the second half of this year are those who were not selected for the support project in the first half of the year. The selected targets for support will receive up to KRW 15 million for the repair costs.

    For the Future Heritages with necessities for promotion, including old stores with difficulties in management due to a lack of promotion or buildings of which the historical and cultural value should be widely advertised, the city will produce various promotional materials, such as illustration postcards, leaflets, and copper-plate notices.

    To be selected for the Seoul Future Heritage tailored support project in the second half of 2019, the owners or the managers of the Future Heritages should submit an application form via an in-person visit or e-mail by September 4 (Wed.). The application form and more information are available on the Seoul Future Heritage website (futureheritage.seoul.go.kr). For all inquiries, contact the Future Heritage Team of Culture Policy Division of Seoul at +82-2-2133-2549.

    Small-scale Repairs and Environmental Improvements from the First Half of 2019

    Small-scale Repairs and Environmental Improvements from the First Half of 2019
    Repair of the Electric Boiler 4.19 Revolution Library (Before & After) Heat Isolation at the Namsanwon Auditorium (Before & After)