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  • Seoul Provides a Record-high Budget for Job Creation

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 6186

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will contribute a record-high 1 trillion won, the largest amount ever contributed by a municipal government of Seoul, with the goal of creating more than 320,000 jobs.

    In order to address job-related problems threatening citizens’ livelihood, such as the youth unemployment rate soaring to 10.3% and the number of unemployed youths exceeding 100,000, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the “2017 Seoul Comprehensive Job Plan” on Jan. 18th (Wed.). The Plan contains blueprints for expanding jobs specialized by sector as well as resolving the pervasive issue of youth unemployment.

    Creation of a total of 323,116 jobs, an increase of 40,000 jobs compared to last year

    This year, Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide 124,000 direct jobs and 199,000 indirect support jobs, a total of 323,116 jobs. The city will concentrate its efforts on creating and providing urban jobs, allocating a budget of approximately one trillion won. ‘Direct Jobs’ refers to jobs in which the employee is directly employed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and its’ related investment agencies, such as New Deal jobs, public employment, assistants for people with disabilities, and others. ‘Indirectly Supported Jobs’ refers to jobs that are indirectly supported by the SMG through employment subsidies, entrepreneurship support, vocational training, job placement, and other supportive measures.

    ◆ Current State of Job Provision by Sector

    Target Number of Jobs Major Project
    Youths 60,218 · New Deal Job (5,500 jobs)
    · Youth Artist (1,780 jobs)
    · Physical Education Leader (432 jobs)
    · Small-giant Enterprise Recruitment Support
    (2,000 jobs)
    · Start-up Support (2,500 jobs)
    · Traditional Market Youth CEO (230 jobs)
    Women 61,268 · Nursery School Assistant Teacher (6,200 jobs)
    · Child Care Helper (2,600 jobs)
    · Mother and Newborn Care Helper (800 jobs)
    · National Daycare Center Childcare Teacher
    (1,200 jobs)
    · Child Traffic Safety Instructor (305 jobs)
    The Middle Aged Adults 38,378 · Social Contribution Job (1,585 jobs)
    · Park Green Area Management (1,257 jobs)
    · Cultural Asset Conservationist (138 jobs)
    Senior Citizens 62,734 · Social Activity Support Job (55,921 jobs)
    · Traffic Order Agent (340 jobs)
    · School Sheriff (1,188 jobs)
    Low-income individuals 19,335 · Public Employment (11,000 jobs)
    · Self-help Homeless Job (2,065 jobs)
    Individuals with disabilities 5,772 · Producer of Office Supplies (2,710 jobs)
    · Public Administration Assistant (1,732 jobs)
    Others 75,411 · Outworn Waterworks Manager (959 jobs)
    · 60,000 Rental Housing Construction Workers
    · Citizen Lifelong Education Lecturer (783 jobs)
    · Firefighting Administration Town Construction Workers
    Total 323,116 jobs created


    “Youth Employment Plus Center” for Providing Comprehensive Youth Employment Services to open in February, 2017

    In addition, the “Youth Employment Plus Center”, a facility providing a comprehensive and systematic solution for youth unemployment, will be opened in the center of the city in February.

    The “Youth Employment Plus Center” is a control tower that provides comprehensive services related to youth employment and supervises youth employment support organizations, such as Job Cafés, all over Seoul. It serves as a hub for solving youth unemployment issues by managing youth employment support organizations throughout the city, providing comprehensive job information, nurturing professional counselors, offering close employment consultation, operating specialized programs, and providing free rental study rooms. The Youth Employment Plus Center occupies 1,109㎡ (335 pyeong) on the 1st floor of the Seoul Regional Ministry of Employment and Labor building in Janggyo-dong, Jung-gu and is open until 10 pm, 365 days a year.

    Expansion of Services Including Job Cafés and Free Suit Rental Services for the Youth

    In addition, employment support services, which potentially have a direct impact on young people, are being greatly expanded. First, the ‘Seoul’s Job Café’ will be expanded to 100 locations this year, which is an expansion of the current 41 locations established after the implementation of the first center in May of last year. The ‘Seoul’s Job Café’ will introduce a membership management system and provide close management services covering ‘Employment Diagnosis → Strengthening Abilities→ Matching Support → Employment.’ The ‘Job Wing Service’, which provides free rental services of suits for interviews, will be expanded the number of available service target from 4,000 people last year to 10,000 people this year, and the available age will be extended from 18 years old to a youth in their graduating year of high school.

    For more details regarding jobs provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and more employment-related information, please contact the Seoul Job Portal (job.seoul.go.kr), the Seoul Jobs Plus Center (1588-9142), and the Youth Employment Plus Center (02-731-9511). The information also can be searched at kiosks in Job cafes.