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  • Seoul Provides Disaster Emergency Living Expenses to Non-Korean Residents

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be providing “Disaster Emergency Living Expenses” to non-Korean residents as well. Applications will be received online starting on Aug. 31 (Mon.).
    This decision was made after accepting the advice from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea that non-Korean residents who are suffering as much as Koreans due to COVID-19 should be offered support so that the city can prevent a “violation of equal rights caused by irrational discrimination.”

    As treating non-Korean residents who are registered as residents differently when establishing and implementing the policy of Disaster Emergency Living Expenses for the stabilization of the livelihoods of residents and the vitalization of the local economy in the emergency caused by COVID-19 is a violation of equal rights caused by irrational discrimination, we recommend that related measures should be improved so as not to exclude non-Korean residents in relation to the policy of Disaster Emergency Living Expenses.
    (Jun. 10, Statement of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea)

    Eligible applicants are non-Koreans that have been living in Seoul for over 90 days since reporting their foreign registration (as of 12:00 a.m. on Aug. 27) who have visas that permit employment and profit-making activities.
    Income criterion and amount of support will be the same as those of the Disaster Emergency Living Expenses for Korean residents that was offered in March. The income should be less than 100% median income (general and financial properties not applicable). Anywhere from KRW 300,000 to up to KRW 500,000 will be offered (once) according to the number of household members.

    ○ 100% Median Income for Households

    (Unit: KRW)

    1-person Household 2-person Household 3-person Household 4-person Household 5-person Household 6-person Household 7-person Household
    1,757,194 2,991,980 3,870,577 4,749,174 5,627,771 6,506,368 7,389,715

    ※ Median income of households with more than 8 members: KRW 883,347 added per person

    ○ Amount of Support Funded

    1- to 2-person Household 3- to 4-person Household More than 5-person Household
    KRW 300,000 KRW 400,000 KRW 500,000

    Application for the Disaster Emergency Living Expenses for Non-Koreans will be available both online and offline” If you want to apply online, visit the website of “Disaster Emergency Living Expenses for Non-Koreans Residents in Seoul” (http://fds.seoul.go.kr) between the four weeks of Mon., Aug. 31 – Fri., Sep. 25. The application will be available 24/7 online. If the online application is not available for you, you may visit one of 40 support centers, including Seoul Global Center and Seoul Counseling Center for Migrant Women, that will help you proceed with the online application.
    If you want to receive consultation or help from one of the support centers, you should follow the 5-day rotation system that allows people to visit the centers on designated days based on their birth years. With thorough disinfection, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will abide by the social distancing regulations by arranging reservations and distributing waiting number tickets each hour based on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday
    1, 6 2, 7 3, 8 4, 9 5, 0 All

    Additionally, the operation of multilingual consultation centers that provide services in 17 languages will conveniently support applicants who have inquiries and need consultation in their mother tongue before the visit.
    Offline applications will be available for two weeks, from Mon., Sep. 14-Fri., Sep. 25 at designated centers of the autonomous district in which the applicants are registered (156 centers in 25 autonomous districts). The decision to offer the Disaster Emergency Living Expenses will be made within 2 weeks from the day of application and, once the decision is made, it is sent to applicants via mobile message.
    ○ The fund will be provided in the form of a “prepaid card” for the convenience of non-Korean residents. The card will be distributed at designated places in each autonomous district. It is valid until Dec. 15, 2020 and accepted for use throughout Seoul.
    ○ Offline application platforms have been designated among the places that are universally accessible to non-Korean residents in each of the 25 autonomous districts. They are operated from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays under strict disinfection. The offline application centers do not open on weekends.
    ○ The 5-day rotation system based on one’s birth year will be in operation. Waiting number tickets will be distributed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    Mon. Tue. Tue. Thu. Fri.
    1, 6 2, 7 3, 8 4, 9 5, 0

    The application form is available for download on the website (http://fds.seoul.go.kr). Applicants should fill it out and submit it with the Agreement to the Collection and Use of Personal Information, and Certificate of Foreign Registration (Republic of Korea).
    Appendix. 1. How to Use the Card (English)
    2. How to Use the Card (Korean)