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  • Seoul Provides『Customized Performance Discount Program for Spring』

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide a 『Customized Performance Discount Program for Spring』 via the ‘Women Friendly Seat’ service. This service designed exclusively for women offers a 50% discount on diverse performance programs in collaboration with cultural art institutes, targeting women who can’t easily enjoy cultural art performances because of childcare obligations, household chores, and economic difficulties. There are many enjoyable performances for women to watch with their partner, children, or friends.

    March is the beginning of spring, so cheerful, popular comedy dramas such as 「Le Gai Mariage」, 「No Good People」, and 「Return to Hamlet」 are being prepared so lovers can enjoy special dates.

    There are also programs for families who’d like to go out with their children during warm spring days. The experience-type exhibition 「RollingBallMuseum」 is highly recommended. The 「Comic Music Show Fantastic」, which is characterized by powerful percussive rhythms and comic performances by amazing actors, and the program titled 「Kim Tak Ku, The King of Baking – Pang Show」, which offers exciting baking dances and an equally thrilling performance, will also provide great entertainment for parents and children alike.

    A brunch concert designed to enable housewives to enjoy performances while taking a break after their husbands and children leave for work and school will also be staged. In particular, the 「11AM Concert」 and 「Saturday Concert」 of the Arts Center combine the best performances with fun and easy explanations so that even a novice can fully enjoy the brunch performance.

    Interested persons can apply for the Women Friendly Seat program on the performance/concert category of the Reservation for Public Service – Seoul Metropolitan Government website (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr/english/main.web) until the end of February. Only women residing in Seoul are eligible, but up to three accompanying family members will also receive the discount.

    Posters for the Women Friendly Seat Program (March)