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  • Seoul to Provide up to 80% Funding for Foreign Resident Community Cultural Events

  • International Relations News SMG 3908

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide funding for selected foreign resident community cultural events in 2015, in order to stimulate activities and cultural events for foreign resident communities and to offer opportunities for Seoul residents to experience various cultures from around the world.

    Cultural events, such as music, sports, food, and costume events, held by foreign resident communities, foreign embassies or civic organizations are eligible for funding. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will evaluate the contents of the events and their efficacy and offer up to KRW 7 million, within 80 percent of total expenses for the events.

    In 2014, a total of KRW 68 million was provided to 14 events, including an international student cultural festival and foreign laborer sports event, where foreign residents introduced their customs and culture to Seoul citizens and had time to share each others’ cultures.

    The Foreign Resident Community Support Project will mainly consider events held to celebrate the national days and traditional holidays of target countries and particularly collaborative events or exchanges on the national level will be selected for funding. Also, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will take location into consideration and support the events and open them up to Seoul citizens for participation.

    Contact www.global.seoul.go.kr

    • Multicultural Volunteers Ensemble
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    • Irish Festival

    • Mongolian Festival

    • Russian Festival

    Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Notice

    Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hereby announces the support project to promote the variety of foreign cultural events in Seoul.

    2015 SupportProjectforSeoul’sForeignCommunity‘s CulturalEvents

    • 1. Eligibility : Foreign cultural events to be held during 2015 in Seoul
      • Cultural event, hosted by a foreign embassy or foreign community
      • Cultural event, hosted by a private organization
    • 2. Subsidy Amount
      • Partial support for event expenses (within 80% of total expense)
      • Maximum subsidy amount is limited to 7 million Korean won
    • 3. Application
      • Period : ’15. 2. 11(Wed.) ~ 2. 16(Mon.) 18:00
      • Documents to submit : Application Form, Documents of introduction of the organization, detailed event plan
      • ※ Please download the Application Form from SMG website, www.seoul.go.kr, and Seoul Global Center’s website, global.seoul.go.kr
      • How to Apply : By e-mail
      • Where to apply : Multiculturalism Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government

        – E-mail : happygoods@seoul.go.kr
        – Tel : (02) 2133-5076
    • 4. Others(All submitted documents will not be returned)
      • The criteria for selection is 1 event per country and thus non cultural exchange events such as private internal event, club event and fund raising event will be excluded from the cultural events support project.
      • Event which passed the screening will receive a notification, and special arrangement regarding the event will be made after the notification of results.
      • More than 1 event per country might be selected in certain circumstances(e.g. Events for celebrating the 2 countries’ diplomatic ties) Also, arrangements regarding the event like date and venue will be discussed and made with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.(All events have to be held before November)
      • After examing he reports of the each event, the grant will be provided within 30 days after the event if there is no problem.

    2015. 2. 3.

    Mayor of Seoul