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  • Seoul to Provide 1400 “New Deal Jobs” and Recruit Youths between February and April

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    The 2015 Seoul New Deal Job project will take off to provide practical help for our citizens and support participants to accrue work experience and skills during the period of their employment.

    This year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has invested a total of KRW 18.13 billion to provide 1,397 New Deal Jobs, in which all participants, including youths, women, elderly, and the handicapped can participate, starting in March.

    <A New Model for Public Jobs, Seoul to Provide 1,397 Social Service-Type and Career-Building Internship-Type Jobs>

    The “New Deal job” is a new and improved concept of jobs from the temporary, wage supplement public jobs, with a focus on the social safety network of protecting the livelihood of the underprivileged that had been created in the past. Through this project, the Seoul Metropolitan Government seeks out public services necessary for Seoul citizens, provides jobs for citizens, and at the same time, supports the participants to enter the job market in the private sector.

    Particularly in 2015, a number of New Deal Jobs were created in relation to Seoul’s urban renewal project and the job project for the youths was expanded, who have a high rate of finding jobs in the private sector through these jobs. The New Deal jobs are largely divided into two categories: social service-type (10) and career-building internship-type (18).

    The social service-type New Deal Jobs are public service jobs, such as “Seoul Energy Welfare Social Worker,” an energy consultant for the energy poor, and “Livelihood Tribune,” who inspects invasions of people’s livelihood. These social service jobs are difficult to translate into jobs in the private sector. However, in case of the need to continue the project, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will support these workers by hiring them publicly, turning them into consignment businesses, or establishing a cooperative.

    The career-building internship-type New Deal Jobs are jobs that have a high possibility of translating into jobs in the private sector or startups, such as “Life Tending Expert” or “Hearing-Disabled Surveillance Camera Monitor.” For these jobs, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to continue and help the participants by providing job-related information and signing MOUs with related companies to hire the participants.

    <Youths: 693 Jobs with High Possibility of Working in the Private Sector, Such as Youth Marketer or Art Gallery Curator >

    By type of participant, a total of 693 jobs will be available for “Youths,” including the Youth Project and General Project. Positions include ▴ Youth marketers, who establish distribution strategies for social enterprises and outstanding small enterprises (30 positions), ▴ Structure technicians to procure interior space information and provide citizens with the 3D interior space DB (50 positions), and ▴ Seoul Museum of Art Curators, who plan exhibitions and support academic research.

    This year, the “Project to Foster Urban Renewal Leaders” (64 positions) in the Urban Renewal Project, and “Prompt AIDS Examination Inspector” (25 positions) will begin AIDS inspection at newly created public health centers.

    Other than these jobs, projects for “Life Tending Experts” (30 positions), who manage animal breeding, “Seoul Energy Planner” (100 positions), “Interior Environmental Consultant” (10 positions), “Living Discomfort Complaint Troubleshooter” (20 positions) will recruit a certain number of youths to help them build career experiences.

    <Women: 200 Childcare Helpers / Handicapped: 12 Hearing-Disabled Surveillance Camera Monitors >

    For women with career discontinuity and those looking for jobs, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will select and deploy 200 “Childcare Facility Helpers,” who will provide public services, such as tutoring, meal preparation, and cleaning at local childcare centers and group homes.

    The “Hearing-Disabled Surveillance Camera Monitors” (12 positions) will be recruited for the first time in 2015. These positions utilize the keen visual skills of those people with hearing loss to monitor major accident-prone areas at the surveillance camera control centers in Seoul.

    < General: 492 Jobs, Including Reading Education Mentors, Citizen Job Planners, etc. All Eligible to Participate >

    In addition, 492 jobs will be offered to all who have difficulties looking for jobs regardless of age or sex. These jobs include ▴ “Reading education mentors” (20 positions) to help students from low-income families at local childcare centers, ▴ “Visiting continuous education tutors” (50 positions) in the humanities or culture and arts, ▴ “Children’s playground safety supervisors” (15 positions) who perform safety inspections during the installation of facilities at children’s playgrounds, ▴ “Citizen cultural play class teachers” (86 positions), who teach performance theory and practice, ▴ “Citizen job planners” (87 positions), who help the underprivileged search for jobs, and ▴ “Culture and arts coordinators” (26 positions), who are in charge of surveying culture and arts facilities or local cultural conditions.

    In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will select 12 “New Deal Job Managers,” made up of experts from human resources and labor departments at companies or licensed vocational counselors. They will be assigned to the field to support the job searches of the participants in the aforementioned projects by finding companies that are looking to hire and providing employment information and work capability training through thorough analysis and consultation.

    Recruitment for the 28 categories of New Deal Jobs will be held by project between February and April. Seoul citizens over the age of 18, who are unemployed or have no regular income, are eligible to apply.

    Contact :job.seoul.go.kr,02-1588-9142