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  • Seoul Promotion with Peace Journey through Eurasia by Renowned Creators and Artists

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    ISEOULU 평화사절단 유라시아 평화의 여정

    I·SEOUL·U Peace Delegation, which is comprised of four individuals including famous creators, influencers, and artists, starts Peace Journey through Eurasia in order to promote “Seoul, the City of Peace” to foreigners while moving from Vladivostok, Russia, to Berlin, Germany.

    The members of I·SEOUL·U Peace Delegation include ▴ Min Kyung-ha, a Russia-specialized YouTuber with 600,000 followers, who provides content related to South Korea in Russia, ▴ Jung Sang-gyu, the author of Forgotten Independence Activists and the developer of an app called Independence Activists, ▴ Kim Gyu-hyeong, a photographer who is advertising the beauty of Seoul by publishing Seoul Snap 12, a collection of photos of Seoul, and ▴ Jeong Seung-bin, a travel drawing artist. The city of Seoul will conduct online marketing for overseas promotion delivering the message of yearning for peace on the Korean peninsula, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean provisional government and the March 1 Movement.

    Seoul has planned the project, in particular, to introduce “Seoul, the City of Peace” to the Eurasian region and promote Seoul as the starting point of the Seoul-Russia-Europe course, preparing for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Russia in 2020.

    The I·SEOUL·U Peace Delegation, consisting of four members, will promote Seoul in each city where the Trans-Siberian Express stops, including Vladivostok, Irkutsk, and Moscow, as well as in Berlin, from October 1 (Tue.) to 11 (Fri.), 2019.

    During this period, on October 8, an invitation performance by Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra will be performed at Zaryadye Concert Hall, Moscow. Not only through the concert by the orchestra but through the promotion co-organized by the city of Seoul, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, and Seoul Tourism Organization, Seoul will be advertised to the Russian people who will visit the concert hall.