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  • Seoul promoting its innovative walking and pedestrian-related technology

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    The city of Seoul has set up an exhibition pavilion.
    Well, visitors can learn more about the innovation that will be part of our future roads and sidewalks.
    Won Jung-hwan has this report on the Pavement Block EXPO.

    People often walk on top of pavements, unaware of how much science has been put into them.
    Since 2013, Seoul Metropolitan Government has been promoting its innovative walking and pedestrian-related technology to the public through the Pavement Block EXPO.
    The 6th edition of the EXPO held at Seoul Plaza, provided a platform for people to learn about the functionality and aesthetics of the pedestrian block that is an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

    23 companies have participated at the EXPO, showing how their cutting-edge technology helps not only people, but also the environment in the city.
    Indeed, most of the companies have showcased their products which focused highly on the environment, and explained how urbanization can actually help tackle such environmental issues.
    And this particular company says they have developed a permeable block which can efficiently absorb and drain waters from the rain.

    “This block is for the control of sudden rainfall or a lack of groundwater. When it rains, the water permeates really quickly into the groundwater control tank. Also during monsoon season in summer, it helps pedestrians as there won’t be any puddles.”

    And among many other new technologies showcased at the expo, almost everyone stopped in front of a booth that showed ways to reduce fine dust in the air. The science behind the eco-friendly pavement in dissolving fine dust, works like this.

    “There’s a substance called photocatalyst on each of the blocks. When these coated pavement slabs absorb sunlight,… they emit their own substance that dissolves the nitrogen oxide that is found in air with high concentrations of fine dust.”

    The researcher explained that if the pavement is adopted, it can reduce 30-to-35 percent of fine dust in the air.
    The annual EXPO provides a chance to take a look at how Seoul plans to gradually expand state-of-the-art pavement throughout the city and make use of surfacing techniques for all future maintenance work on pavement and roads, for one ultimate purpose – improving the people’s quality of life.

    Won Jung-hwan Arirang News.
    Reporter : junghwanwon@arirang.com