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  • Seoul Promotes ‘Top 5 New Year’s Comprehensive Plan’ for Safety, Transportation, Sharing, Consumer Prices, and Convenience

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    Seoul will enforce the Top 5 New Year’s Comprehensive Plan centering on safety, transportation, sharing, convenience and consumer prices for 10 days from Jan. 29 (Tue) to Feb. 7 (Thu) for citizens’ safety and comfort during the Lunar New Year Holidays.

    During this period, from Feb. 1 (Fri) to Feb. 7 (Mon), a task force in the five areas of fire safety, snow removal, transportation, consumer prices, and medical treatment will be organized, operating the 24-hour ‘Comprehensive Situation Room’ on the first floor of Seoul City Hall that oversees and regulates the five areas in order to be prepared against any urgent situations which may arise during the holiday.

    The comprehensive plan consists of the five areas of ①safety ②transportation ③sharing ④convenience ⑤consumer prices.

    Top 5 New Year’s Comprehensive Plan
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    Safety ▸Before holiday period (Jan. 8 – Jan. 22): Fortification of special fire investigation and safety management of traditional markets, department stores, and multi-purpose facilities in case of fire
    ▸During holiday period (Feb. 1 – Feb. 7): Enforcement of special fire alert service and maintenance of its operation at all times
    Transportation ▸Extended operation of subway and buses until 2am (Feb. 5 – Feb. 6, based on arrival at the last subway station and departure of buses)
    ▸22% increase in express and intercity buses per day, 48% increase of daily users (compared to the norm)
    ▸Operation of night buses (9 routes, 72 buses) until 3:45am, night taxis (2,955) by 9:00am the following day
    Sharing ▸Care package support for basic income households, briquet support for low-income residents, energy voucher support
    ▸Providing basic necessities for neighbors in need, boiler inspection, and special New Year’s program
    Convenience ▸Operation of 120 Dasan Call Center during holiday period, cleanliness control of crowded areas by 365 Cleaning Squad
    ▸Construction of emergency medical system during holiday period with the operation of emergency medical treatment centers (total of 4,793 locations)
    Consumer Prices ▸High-demand New Year’s products to be brought into Garak Market, with a 10% increase in amount as compared to the average supply over the past five years
    ▸Revitalization of traditional markets with traditional market’s Lunar New Year events (Jan. 25 – Feb. 3), with parking approval on nearby roads, etc.

    General information about traffic, traditional markets, cultural events, hospitals, and pharmacies in Seoul during the Lunar New Year holiday can be found on the Seoul City website and ‘Mobile Seoul’ app, 120 Dasan Call Center (☎02-120), and 120 Dasan Call Center on Twitter (http://twitter.com/120seoulcall).