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  • Seoul to promote 500 eco-friendly electric motorcycles

  • Press Releases SMG 697
    • – The Seoul Metropolitan Government begins to receive the application from citizens and corporations with a first come, first served basis starting from 9th April and distributes the vehicles (450 units for private sector, 50 units for public sector)
    • – Seoul aims to promote eco-friendly electric motorcycles starting from 759 units until 2017, add 500 units every year, and reach 4,700 units by 2025
    • – Low fuel cost as well as no exhaust gas contributing to fine dust reduction and improvement of air quality
    • – The Seoul city government provides the graded subsidy amounting 2.3 ~ 3.5 million won for two-wheelers and three-wheelers depending on vehicle type and size

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, April 9, 2018 – Seoul Health & Environment Research Institute announced its analysis of the causes for the high-density of fine dust (PM2.5) in Seoul from March 23rd to 27th.

    The Seoul city government expects that electric motorcycles will contribute to improving air quality as they don’t have internal combustion engines emitting air pollutants including fine dust. As of 2017, 2.2 million motorcycles are running in the country. They account for 18.6% (52,000 ton/year) of CO and 8.6% (4,000 ton/year) of VOC among the air pollutants emitted from all the on-road mobile air pollution sources.

    It takes 4 hours to fully charge an electric motorcycle with a power outlet for domestic use. Therefore, there’s no need of installing a separate charger unlike electric vehicles. Driving distance with full charge is 40㎞. Annual fuel cost of an electric motorcycle is about 1/10 of that of a two wheeler with engines, which is economically reasonable.

    Ministry of Environment has decided to expand the scope of regular inspections on two wheelers from large motorcycles to small and mid-sized motorcycles (50cc~260cc) which have been manufactured and registered since January 1st 2018. The measure took effect from March 2nd in effort to reduce the emission of fine dust. Electric motorcycles have zero emission of exhaust gas and noise.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government begins to receive application for the private sector EV promotion project (450 electric motorcycles) from individuals, companies and public agencies, starting from April 9th(Mon).