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  • Seoul to Prevent Fire at Traditional Marketplaces and Enhance Citizen Safety in Winter

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 4959

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held “the countermeasure meeting for citizen safety in winter” in which Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon participated. Seoul examined measures for preventing fires at traditional marketplaces, an outbreak of AI (avian influenza), and illegal forced demolition and protecting the underprivileged class in order to ensure the safety of citizens in winter.

    In order to prevent large-scale fires, Seoul will strengthen preventive activities at eight key facilities vulnerable to fire, including large-scale sales facilities (1,229 locations), multiple use businesses (40,140 locations), traditional marketplaces (352 locations), and care hospitals (102 locations), and implement safety management measures that are appropriate to the characteristics of each facility.

    In response to the recent spread of AI (avian influenza) nationwide, Seoul has established and been operating “Seoul Special AI Prevention Headquarters” and “Situation Room for AI Prevention” in 25 autonomous regions and seven locations since October 1st, 2016. Also, Seoul is carrying out intensive measures on bird breeding facilities and major habitats for migratory birds such as Hangang River.

    In addition, Seoul is strengthening monitoring and pre-dispute settlement procedures so that citizens can protect their home and workplace in winter during development projects such as new town construction or redevelopment. The city also implements various measures to support vulnerable groups such as homeless people.