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  • Seoul Plaza to open skating rink

  • Integrated News SMG 5315

    A bird’s eye view of Seoul Plaza 2010 Skating Rink

    The Seoul Plaza will again serve as the main outdoor skating rink this winter, creating a warm festive ambiance in the heart of the city as of Dec. 17, Seoul City said.

    The location of the skating rink offers the advantages of the Seoul Plaza’s logistics, as it is located right in front of City Hall. Its proximity to subway Lines No. 1 and 2 offers travel convenience, while its spaciousness allows the city to provide optimum ice-rink conditions. The opening event will take place Dec. 17 at 5 p.m., and the Seoul Plaza rink will be open until Feb. 13.

    The entrance fee, which is 1,000 won, will cover skate-rental costs. Skating lessons for each level will cost 10,000 won. Seoul City said it plans to stock up on gloves and socks so that skaters in need can conveniently make purchases on-site.

    The city noted that, as of this year, international residents and visitors will be able to make reservations and payments online, just as the locals have been able to do. This is possible due to the changes and improvements made to the city’s online reservation and transaction system, Seoul City said.

    Those who attend the opening event on Dec. 17 will be able to enjoy one hour of free skating.