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  • Seoul Plaza Reborn with Green Grass and Flowers

  • Integrated News SMG 2339

    Seoul Plaza will make a fresh debut upon completion of its spring decoration by late March.

    Seoul City has removed the outdoor ice-skating rink from the plaza, which enjoyed great popularity with the public this winter, and is replacing the green lawn that died during winter and planting new flower beds composed of pansies and tulips. From April 1, Seoul’s citizens will witness the newly decorated Seoul Plaza’s rebirth as a fresher and more convenient culture and relaxation space.

    Green grass, Fountain

    As part of a national energy saving campaign, the operating hours of the fountain at the plaza will be reduced from 7:30am~9pm to 10am~6:30pm. The Seoul Plaza Fountain operates until late November. Before entering full-fledged operation on April 1, the fountain will undergo test operation from March 16 to check for any abnormality in its components, including electrical parts and pumps.

    Seoul Plaza was designated as a non-smoking zone effective from March 1. However, a promotion and grace period for non-smoking regulation will be implemented until May 31, and a 100,000-won fine will be imposed on violators of the smoking ban from June 1.