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  • The Seoul Plaza Ice-Skating Rink opens on Dec 19 (Fri)

  • Press Releases SMG 2187
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    SEOUL, Dec. 00, 2014 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the Seoul Plaza Ice-Skating Rink is due to open on Dec 19 (Fri) and will be available for 52 days until Feb 8 (Sun), 2015. Marking its 10th anniversary since its inception back in 2004, the outdoor ice rink has been a central venue for citizens who want to enjoy the winter outdoor skating in the center of the city, at an affordable price.

    Last year, the number of total ice rink stood at 208,205, including 14,909 foreign tourists. The outdoor ice-skating rink has been increasingly popular year by year. The rink opens at 10:00 a.m. throughout the 52 operating days, but closing hour can differ; from Sunday to Thursday, the rink closes at 21:30, but for every Friday, Saturday and holiday, it opens until 23:00.

    Last year’s ice rink design was a work of a renowned architect, bestowing the edge to the rink with a fun to see as well as a joy to skate. The ice rink of this year is reconstructed to the same design with that of last year. O. YoungWook, aka “Architect who paints”, who is also a bestselling author, designed the ice rink under the theme of “Icebergs that drifted away from the North Pole”.

    In order to better protect citizens’ health against air pollution originated from China, SMG will stop the operation of the skating rink if the Comprehensive Index of Air Environment indicates the “Bad” level and will notify citizens the relevant information at least 2 hours before temporary closing. Considering citizens’ transfer time to the ice-skating rink, the city government will used the measurement of two hours prior to the next opening session of the ice rink, decide the closing in accordance with the air quality scale, and will inform citizens of the result at least two hours in prior to the closing.

    Seoul city government will place a mobile air quality measurement vehicle around the Seoul Plaza during the ice-skating rink opening period. The hourly air quality measurement will be displayed on the electronic scoreboard and PDP screen. In addition, the website for air quality measurement will be linked with Comprehensive Index of Air Environment System, so that citizens can check in advance and do not visit the rink to no avail.

    In the meantime, on Dec 19 (Fri), the Opening Ceremony for the Ice-Skating Rink will begin at 17:30, with the attendance of Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon. Under the theme of “The Rendezvous with Polar Bears”, the ceremony will be held in a form of a DJ party, marking the opening of the outdoor ice-skating rink for this winter. Various performances such as sand art, a figure skating show by the Team Blessing, will greet the citizens who are at the venue for celebration. After the ceremony ends around 18:00, the first day of the ice rink will be opened to visitors for free.