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  • Seoul Plans to Increase Support for the Homeless with Monthly Rent

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    Of 516 Beneficiaries, 430 Escaped Homelessness Last Year

    It is reported that 430 homeless people (83% of the total number of the homeless) were able to live a steady life instead of living in the street as a result of Seoul’s support to 516 homeless people during the period from March to December of 2015 for up to six months with their monthly rent.

    The temporary housing support project for the homeless has been conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government since 2011. Through the project, Seoul provides the homeless and people at risk of becoming homeless with a monthly rent allowance amounting to 250,000 KRW a month for up to six months.

    Year-by-year Breakdown of Seoul’s Support

    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Budget sum (million KRW) 228 350 402 494 490
    Beneficiaries (number of persons) 322 490 572 517 516
    The number of persons staying in housing (percentage) 194(60.2%) 385(78.5%) 445(77.3%) 425(82.2%) 430(83.3%)


    In particular, 192 among 430 beneficiaries of 2016 were employed and succeeded in rehabilitation and 99 were designated as beneficiaries of a national basic livelihood so that they could stop living in the street and be protected by the nation.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government helped 83 homeless people who had their resident registration cancelled and had difficulty living steady lives to restore their resident registration. As a result, seven homeless people succeeded in credit recovery and three people were able to receive the welfare service for the handicapped through the handicapped registration.

    In addition, 65 homeless people received medical treatment and 488 tenants were provided with 100,000 KRW of daily supplies per capita.

    Meanwhile, Seoul plans to increase the number of the homeless and those on the verge of being homeless to be supported to 570. This is aimed at supporting the homeless individuals’ independent life and to make all of the homeless individuals succeed in rehabilitating their lives. Seoul additionally designated “Didim 365” as a temporary housing support organization to protect female homeless people so as to protect them from an unsafe life in the street.

    For counselling about the temporary housing support, contact the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s department of supporting rehabilitation (+82-2-2133-7484) along with Dasiseogi (meaning “start again”) general support center (+82-2-777-0564).

    ▶ Inquiry
    ○ Dasiseogi (meaning “start again”) general support center: +82-2-777-0564
    ○ Organizations for street consultation activities
    : 6 organizations (Dasiseogi, BRIDGE, Ongdalsaem, Haetsal, Angels of the Street, Didim 365)