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  • Seoul picked as Korea’s host city candidate for the 2032 Olympics, hoping to jointly host it with Pyeongyang

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    • Mayor Park Won-Soon made a presentation on Seoul’s know-hows, infrastructure and urban competitiveness during the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee’s general meeting on February 11
    • Seoul plans to establish a bidding strategy in line with the IOC’s Olympic Agenda and attract the national consensus
    • In cooperation with the central government, Seoul-Pyeongyang co-hosting scheme of the 2032 Olympics to be promoted
    • Mayor Park said that all-out efforts to be made for co-hosting the Olympics that will provide an opportunity to change the fate of the Korean Peninsula and create a new era of inter-Korean development

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 12, 2019 – Seoul gets past the first hurdle to become the final host city of the 2032 Summer Olympics. The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced February 11 that Seoul was finally selected as a candidate city in Korea for the 35th Summer Olympics in 2032. It came after a vote made during the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee’s general meeting held at the athlete’s village in Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do Province. If Seoul becomes the venue of the 2032 Olympics, it will be the second time for Seoul to host the Summer Olympics in 44 years after the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

    Prior to the vote, Mayor Park Won-Soon made a 15-minute presentation about why Seoul should be the host city and how to host the Olympics. He explained about Seoul’s historicity and symbolism as the representative city of the Korean Peninsula for 625 years, its financial capacity to prepare and host the international sports event in a stable way, its infrastructure and global urban competitiveness, and preparations for a joint hosting with North Korea.

    Following the announcement of the results, the Seoul Metropolitan Government signed a mutual cooperation agreement with the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee. Seoul will compete with other international cities including Mumbai of India, Shanghai of China, Melbourne of Australia, Cairo-Alexandria of Egypt, and Vladivostok of Russia to win the final host city.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to establish an efficient bidding strategy in line with the IOC’s proposed “Olympic Agenda 2020” to enhance Seoul’s competitiveness to beat other candidate cities. The “Olympic Agenda 2020″ is the vision of the IOC, which aims to hold an economic Olympic Games by utilizing existing facilities without building new stadiums. It will also promote Seoul’s experience and attractions as an international sports city.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will support the 25th general meeting of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) that will be held in Seoul in November next year to promote Seoul’s capability and know-hows of hosting such a large-scale international sports event to IOC and the National Olympic Committee (NOC) executive committee. The ANOC’s general meeting is a large-scale conference that is often called a UN General Assembly of Sports. It is expected to be attended by more than 1,000 people including IOC members, ANOC Executive Committee members and NOC representatives.

    The cooperation to co-host the 2032 Winter Olympics will be carried out according to the agreement made at the inter-Korean summit talk last year. Since Seoul announced the Seoul-Pyeongyang Comprehensive Urban Cooperation Initiative in 2016, it has implemented various projects to improve inter-Korean relations and promote exchanges and cooperation with Pyeongyang. It raised 40 billion won in inter-Korean cooperation funds by launching the Inter-Korean Cooperation Committee, and has supported a joint Taekwondo performance, a concert of the Samjiyeon Orchestra, and friendly football matches.

    Upon the announcement of the final results of the vote, Mayor Park Won-Soon said, “We will work with the central government to ensure that the 2032 Summer Olympics will serve as an opportunity to change the fate of the Korean Peninsula. If the North and the South prepare together until 2032, we will not only restore the sense of homogeneity between the two Koreas, but also create a new era of inter-Korean development.” The Mayor added, “We will establish a communication channel with Pyeongyang officials in a near future, and make all-out efforts to co-hold the 2032 Olympics.” “If the 1988 Seoul Olympics was “reconciliation Olympics” amid the cold war between East and West and the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics was a touchstone of peace, the 2032 Olympics will be promoted to become the last stop to establish the peace.”