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  • Seoul Participates in CES 2020 Together with Innovative Companies

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    Seoul will be operating the “Seoul Promotional Booth” under the theme, “Smart City & Smart Life,” at CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show), the world’s largest home appliance fair and future innovative technology arena, held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States and opening on January 7.

    Mayor Park Won-soon will become the first mayor of Seoul to participate in CES, together with 20 innovative South Korean companies. The companies were selected by the city and recognized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). They provide products or services using pioneering technologies such as big data and AI. The companies will establish a separate section in the “Seoul Promotional Booth” to internationally promote their innovative technologies and products.

    Seoul will advertise its smart technology centering around the “Digital Mayor’s Office,” which is praised as the apex of the smart city. Six 55-inch screens will be mobilized to reproduce the same “Digital Mayor’s Office” as the one in the Mayor’s office in Seoul at the site of CES.

    Through the first operation of the “Seoul Promotional Booth,” Seoul will support the entry into overseas markets of the entrepreneurs who will lead the growth of the innovative technologies, the driving force for the future, and take the initiative as a top pioneering “smart city.”

    The “Seoul Promotional Booth” will be established in a scale of 290 square meters in Tech West, the arena of competition for startups from all over the world, and welcome visitors for four days, from January 7 (Tues.) to 11 (Fri.). Although Seoul is participating in the event for the first time, the location of its booth is optimal, adjacent to the main line connected to the lobby near convenient facilities like F&B stores and the public restroom, which will is expected to attract a great deal of attention.

    Major spaces in the booth will be ▴ the section for the 20 participating companies (promotion zone), ▴ a permanent pitching space for companies’ promotion and business meeting space, and ▴ a promotional space for Smart City Seoul, including the Digital Mayor’s Office.

    First, the section for the participating companies will display the breakthrough products of 20 companion companies. The products to be displayed include the mobile phone application that measures cardiac information through a photograph of a pupil, which requires no auxiliary devices (Smart Diagnosis); and “AI Voice Actor Service” through which the AI learns the traits of a certain person’s voice and creates a voice that carries the same feelings and personality as those of a real human voice (Neosapiens).

    The “Digital Mayor’s Office” will be installed on an entire wall (width 3.63 m x height 1.67 m) to draw visitors’ eyes and ears to the Wing West. It is a smart-city platform from which one can learn all of the urban phenomena of Seoul at a glance and in real-time.

    Separate from the “Seoul Promotional Booth” in Tech West, Seoul will also establish and operate the “Seoul Lounge” booth (6 m×6 m) in Tech East, which introduces cutting-edge technologies related to smart city from around the world. The concept of the booth is the “Small Mayor’s Office,” which will create an ambiance similar to that of the mayor’s office in Seoul. Korean paper and wooden bars will be used so that visitors can experience a Korean atmosphere.

    On the large LED screen (7 m×2 m) that will be installed on the wall of the booth, colorful videos will be played, including the Seoul promotional video featuring BTS (the honorary ambassadors of Seoul), the nightscape of Seoul shot by drone, DDP’s Seoul Light, and the representative global promotion video of Seoul featuring soprano Sumi Jo.

    The inside of the booth will be used as a lounge where meetings with officers of IT companies will take place. Additionally, the lounge will be equipped with tablets through which anyone can experience the “Digital Mayor’s Office.” Here, various pieces of big data information can be checked, including air and traffic conditions.
    ○ An online & offline event will also be held during the period of CES 2020. Foreign visitors who take photos of the Seoul Lounge and post them on their SNS account with hashtags (#iseoulu, #ces2020, #seoullounge) will receive Seoul’s symbolic souvenirs, including an I‧Seoul‧U hoody, bottle, and more.