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  • Seoul participates in development of water treatment facilities in Central Java

  • International Relations News SMG 3190

    By participating in the revitalization of seven regional water treatment facilities in Central Java Province, Indonesia, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is supporting the entry of domestic SMEs into waterworks industries overseas.

    On September 16, Seoul City signed an MOU with the Java public enterprise improvement committee (RBUMD), an investment corporation (SPJT), and a public waterworks company (PDAB) regarding the expansion of exchange in the waterworks industry.

    The revitalization of seven regional water treatment facilities in Central Java Province is a project that will see KRW 135 billion invested in the renovation of aging water treatment facilities in seven regions. For three years, beginning in 2015, the project will provide support in the form of technical consultation, training for waterworks employees, and participation by private companies.

    In order to launch this project, Seoul City has been commissioning an evaluation of its viability since May 2014, upon the request of waterworks-related companies in Korea. In the near future, it will establish a consortium for the project made up of private companies.

    Prior to this project, Seoul City also provided financial support for the expansion of private domestic companies into overseas waterworks in Ghana, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Trinidad-Tobago, and Papua New Guinea.


    ※ Central Java Province is located in the middle of Indonesia.


    ※ Work will be done in seven regions, excluding Bregas, where water facility repairs have already been completed.