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  • Seoul Operates the Counseling Center for Migrant Women to Provide One-Stop Counseling Services for Migrant Women

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    The Seoul Counseling Center for Migrant Women is the first special counseling center for migrant women established by the city of Seoul in September 2013. In order to create the center, the city combined the counseling center and the rest area, providing one-stop counseling services.

    Located on the 4th floor of Seoul Global Center (38, Jongno, Jongno-gu), the Seoul Counseling Center for Migrant Women provides a broad range of counseling services, including legal consultation on the qualification for stay and counseling sessions regarding damages from violation and psychological problems in six languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Mongolian).

    Specialist counselors for marriage migrant women from Vietnam, the Philippines, China, and Mongolia are available, and the counselors have counseling experience of over three years on average, based on their understanding of the language and culture of the specific country. Not only do they have the capabilities to lead family counseling, but they also give advice on sexual violence and family violence.

    Various obstacles, including a language barrier, prevent migrant women from using free legal services. Thus, the Seoul Counseling Center for Migrant Women is offering customized services, such as counseling interpretation, lawsuit documentation translation, and accompaniment to court, when providing legal services through the specialist counselors.

    For counselees that do not use one of the six languages of which the service provided, but come from one of the countries that uses a minority language, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Russia, and Nepal, a minority language interpretation counseling service is provided through multi-language interpretation and translation support group (254 people, 19 languages) that are composed of migrant women from various countries.