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  • Seoul Opens the Seoul Fintech Lab on the 29th, the Largest of its Kind, and Hosts Seoul Finance Week

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    Seoul will be hosting Seoul Finance Week from October 28 (Mon.) to 31 (Thu.), 2019, holding various events related to fintech, a driving force that will lead the finance industry into the future.

    <Day 1> Fintech Intellectual Properties (IP) Pitching Competition: discovery of promising companies and bestowing vouchers of up to KRW 30 million
    On October 28, the Fintech Companies IP Competition will take place at Seoul Fintech Lab to select promising companies that will be offered financial support.

    <Day 2> Seoul Fintech Lab Grand Opening: investor relations (IR) with the participation of more than 20 domestic and international investing institutions
    On October 29, the Seoul Fintech Lab Grand Opening and the Investor Relations will take place at Seoul Fintech Lab.

    Seoul Fintech Lab, the largest of its kind in the country, will house a total of 70 fintech start-ups that will receive development support for two years of their stay, at the most. The opening of the institution will take place at Seoul Fintech Lab (in Yeouido) starting at 2 p.m. with the participation of over 100 figures, including the Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul, the commissioner of Korean Intellectual Property Office Park Won-joo, and those working at the Financial Services Commission, Financial Supervisory Service, and the start-ups that will operate in Seoul Fintech Lab.

    The Investor Relations, where 12 start-ups with pioneering technologies will have the chance to attract investment from over 20 domestic and international investors, will also take place on the same day at Seoul Fintech Lab.

    <Day 3> Seoul International Finance Conference: discussion on the future of the finance industry with experts in finance and fintech from Korea and abroad
    On October 30, the 9th Seoul International Finance Conference will take place at the Conrad Hotel. Co-organized by the city of Seoul and Financial Supervisory Service, the event will invite renowned speakers from Korea and abroad who will introduce the trends and direction of international finance and the fintech industry. Anyone who is interested in finance and fintech can attend the conference.

    <Day 4> Fintech Networking Day: Seoul, Financial Supervisory Service, fintech support institutions in the private sector, and fintech companies, all in one place
    On October 31, Fintech Networking Day will take place at Yeouido SIFC to reinforce the information exchanges and human networking between the city of Seoul, Financial Supervisory Service, fintech support institutions in the private sector, and fintech companies.

    More information on Seoul Finance Week and its detailed schedule are available on the official website (http://www.sific.kr). Advance registration is currently being operated.