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  • Seoul Opens Sledding Slopes at Ttukseom and Yeouido Islands

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    Seoul (Hangang Project Headquarters) will be operating sledding slopes at Ttukseom and Yeouido Hangang Parks from December 25 (Fri) to February 14 (Sun) for the enjoyment of Seoul citizens. Due to higher than average temperatures in the beginning of the winter, the sledding slopes at Ttukseom and Yeouido Hangang Parks were open on a limited basis since December 19 (Sat), but have now been in full operation since December 25 (Fri). Last year, sledding slopes were available only at Ttukseom Hangang Park, but for the Winter 2015/2016 season, additional slopes are now in operation in the Yeouido Hangang Park.

    Sledding slopes in the two parks are open from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week, but are closed daily from noon to 1pm for maintenance. Hours of operation are subject to change, particularly in the case of any inclement weather that poses a safety risk to the general public.

    Given this year’s mild temperatures, slope operators have had difficulty producing artificial snow, and only the higher slopes were in operation starting from December 19 (Sat). Thanks to recent colder temperatures, in which it is easier to manufacture snow, both smaller and higher slopes are now in full operation (beginning on December 25 (Fri). Fees for using the slopes are KRW 6,000 per person for anyone over the age of 3.

    Visitors to the sledding slopes are advised to wear comfortable, casual clothes to avoid the risk of injury or loss of property. Safety announcements will also be provided over the PA system to make visitors aware of the dangers of throwing snow, hypothermia, etc., and instructions will also be provided over the loudspeaker to avoid sledding collisions and over-crowdedness.

    General admission to the sledding slopes is KRW 6,000 per person, but fees for additional rides and activities do apply. A fifty percentage discount off admission is available to the following: veterans; visitors with disabilities (levels 1 through 6) and their guardians (for visitors with disability levels 1 through 3); senior citizens (ages 65 and up); and visitors with a Dadungi cards, including listed family members. Children under the age of 3 (36 months) may enter free of charge, but proper documentation is required (medical insurance card, copy of resident registration, or other legal proof of age). General admission includes access to sledding slopes and folk game facilities.

    This year, the sledding slopes also feature a variety of different rides—a Viking ship, mini train, spinning swings, a flying saucer, a spaceship, and more. Ride admission is KRW 3,000 per person per ride. A materials fee is also required for the following activities: ▲ smelt fishing (KRW 5,000) and ▲ Euro bungee (KRW 5,000).

    Ttukseom Hangang Park is located near Ttukseom Station on Subway Line 7, and Yeouido Hangang Park is located near Yeouinaru Station on Subway Line 5 and National Assembly Station on Subway Line 9.