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  • Seoul Opens Medical Tourism Website in Four Languages

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    In response to the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting Seoul for medical purposes, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened a medical tourism website (www.medicaltourseoul.com). The website, which went live on December 18, 2015, provides a variety of information in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

    The website was created in collaboration with area medical institutions and is part of the Seoul government’s efforts to attract 400,000 medical tourists each year by the year 2018. To achieve this goal, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will use the website and other platforms to proactively publicize Seoul’s high-quality medical technologies and cutting-edge medical equipment to attract a greater number of medical tourists.

    The Seoul Medical Tourism Website includes information on a total of 101 medical institutions under six categories: ▴Beauty, ▴Korean Medicine, ▴Wellness, ▴Physical Checkups, ▴Treatment of Severe Conditions, and ▴Treatment of Minor Conditions. Information on each institution includes an introduction to the institution and its doctors and a list of services offered, as well as information on nearby accommodations and other useful tips.

    Through the website, 1:1 online consultation is also available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian so that foreign tourists can more easily obtain necessary information and select the medical institution that best suits their needs prior to visiting Seoul. The website also includes checklists for different stages of medical tourism, information for before and after plastic surgery, guidance for medical disputes, and other useful information.