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  • Seoul opens Korea’s first smart “Metro Farm” at Sangdo Station, introducing a robot sowing seeds and growing plants 24/7

Press Releases

  • Seoul opens Korea’s first smart “Metro Farm” at Sangdo Station, introducing a robot sowing seeds and growing plants 24/7

  • Press Releases SMG 2867
    • Seoul will open up a smart “Metro Farm” at Sangdo subway station on September 27
    • With a gross area of 394 square meters, the Metro Farm has a cultivation room, experience room and farm cafe to run an experience and education program
    • Seoul plans to open more metro farms at five subway stations by the end of this year and to expand the platform by cooperating with the private sector
    • Seoul expands communication channels with citizens through a smart farm, the futuristic version of agriculture and a new urban agriculture

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 26, 2019 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Metro collaborate with Farm8, an agriculture company, to enhance the awareness of ecosystem and to open up a smart farm at Sangdo Station. At the farm, citizens can find and experience a futuristic version of agriculture which can create new jobs in urban agricultural sector. This is the first smart farm complex installed in a subway station in Korea.

    Smart farm artificially controls environmental factors such as light, temperature, humidity, CO2 density and nutrients which are necessary for plants to grow by using the ICT technology. It helps a stable and planned production of plants. Airtight system helps cultivating plants without pollutants including fine dust.

    The smart Metro Farm at Sangdo Station has a gross area of 394 square meters with a 24/7 cultivation space; an auto farm where a robot controls from sowing to harvesting; and a farm cafe selling fresh salad made of the plants from the metro farm. The vertical indoor farm is one of its major facilities which combine with information and communication technology. With this technology, it can maintain and manage the environment for growing the plants remotely and automatically. Therefore, the vertical indoor farm can grow fresh plants for 24/7 free from stress such as fine dust. Therefore, it is totally free from pesticides, GMO and blight. The Auto Farm is a container-typed indoor farm where a robot grows sprouts controlling from sowing to harvesting. This space shows a cutting-edge facility realizing futuristic agriculture by combining the automation with the strong points of smart farm.

    Also, the opening hour of the metro smart farm at Sangdo Station will be from 8am to 8pm (subject to change). Admission is free. If you want to experience a farm academy, you can search “Farm8 Farm Academy” on Naver, a portal site in Korea, and book a program, which will begin from early October.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will open up more metro farms this year in four subway stations (Dapsimni Station, Cheonwang Station, Euljiro 3-ga Station and Chungjeongno Station). It plans to run these farms so that many citizens can feel the nature in the urban environment and taste fresh plants free from fine dust.