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  • Seoul Opens First National Short-Term Care Center for Elders, ‘Deun-Deun Care,’ for Maximum Four-Week Support

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    On Friday, March 1, the city of Seoul will open a short-term care center for elders called “Deun-Deun Care.” Seoul will be the nation’s first local government to open such a facility.

    “Deun-Deun Care” provides temporary life support services for elders experiencing difficulties in their everyday lives after being discharged from the hospital or due to an accident. This care center’s doctrine revolves around aiding seniors so that they can return to daily lives in health.

    Six rooms in a municipal nursing home will be designated as short-term care rooms, with three to eighteen elders assigned to one room. Each senior citizen can live at the facility for two to four weeks, depending on necessity.

    Elders residing in the care center will be offered daily life adaptation support services such as the healthy meals service, fall prevention services, and education and training on hygienic health care. They will also receive health services from visiting medical teams who will check the elders’ blood pressures, teach them how to care for chronic diseases, extend accompaniment services to hospitals and pharmacies for outpatient treatments, offer programs for emotional stability, and provide cultural leisure activities.

    Elders must be over the age of 65 and be recipients of the national basic income or outside the bracket for long-term medical treatment for the lower income group in order to stay at this care center. Those who meet these requirements may be admitted if they have a definite home to which they can return and if everyday life is possible after receiving care.

    Elders who check out of the short-term care center will be provided with information about services and local resources related to health and mental health in order to foster the creation of stable living environments. Furthermore, there are currently plans to link up with the health management projects at local community health centers in order to extend regular monitoring and post-management services.

    Short-term Care Center for Elders’ Rooms
    Short-term Care Center for Elders’ Rooms