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  • Seoul Opens Digital Media City publicity center

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    Seoul City opened the doors to the Digital Media City Publicity Center on Oct. 18, offering the public a glimpse into the future of the nation’s capital through special effects that utilize cutting-edge information technologies and 3-D experiences.

    The center, now in full operation, also provides insight to the history of the making of the DMC, the world’s first high-tech complex for digital technologies, Seoul City said.

    The DMC Publicity Center is promoting the DMC cluster being built in Seoul’s Sangam-dong, and placing particular emphasis on the cluster’s unique role as a ubiquitous city featuring ubiquitous networked offices, apartments, and exhibition centers, among others. This grand project can be experienced through the Digital Media Street and various digital technology worlds.

    The number of visitors from home and abroad to the DMC has been growing steadily each year since its opening in October 2002. For instance, the cluster drew a total of 10,977 visitors during the first half of this year. Of the total, foreigners accounted for 4,873, or 44 percent, highlighting the growing number of foreign visitors to the site.

    The DMC Publicity Center underwent four months of renovation, which began in July, to become a more fun and exciting public space with a more exhilarating ambiance and more facilities for activities.

    An overall view of the DMB Publicity Center, DMC Publicity Center Panel Zone

    The renovation project saw the creation of the “Digi-Roof,” which boasts a 12-meter “multi-sided real screen” that is a rare find in Korea. The space also features diversely shaped mirrors that give one the feeling of being suspended in outer space.

    The DMC Publicity Center is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Seoul City welcomes everyone.

    Admission is free. For a richer experience, Seoul City encourages prospective visitors to make reservations for a guide in advance by phone or through the DMC home page (http://dmc.seoul.go.kr/). The guides will provide visitors with a more thorough understanding of the DMC and thus make the trip more enjoyable.