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  • Seoul opens a 2.6km ‘bike-lane’ in Jongno on April 8

  • Press Releases SMG 832
    • – 3,000 riders to participate in a 6km urban riding parade, registration starts on March 13 on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website
    • – An exclusive bike lane following the same route of central bus lane which is also a green transportation space
    • – Flush-type solar LED lights, median guardrail, gaze inducement rods provided for the safety of bicycle and automobile drivers at night

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 13, 2018 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its plan to launch a 2.6km-long “exclusive bike lane” between Jongno 1-ga and Jongno 5-ga on April 8.

    Following the Jongno Central Bus Lane, which was launched at the end of last year, the bike lane will also be set up in the green transportation promotion area within the Four Great Gates. The bike-exclusive lane will share the same route (2.8 km) as the central bus lane.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will install flush-type LED lights to ensure safe driving for bicycle and automobile drivers at night. According to the City, the launch of a bike-lane in the Jongno area, the heart of the city, will allow bike riders to transport across the city and enhance bicycle transport shares. In the future, once Cheonggye-cheon Stream and the city’s major main roads are connected, its routes will serve as a hub of bicycle road network.