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  • Seoul Olympic Park

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    Spreading over an area of 1.4 million square meters, Seoul Olympic Park boasts, in addition to the sporting facilities, a vast wooded park, the reproduction of two historical sites from the Baekje period 18 BC – 660 AD – the Mongchon mud wall and the Mongchon moat – as well as more than 200 sculptures and works of art. As a matter of fact, the park is said to be one of the world’s five best sculpture parks. The six stadiums used during the Olympics have been preserved and still hold various sporting events and performances on a regular basis.

    Park is a welcoming green oasis and a favorite meeting place for Koreans of all ages. The sports facilities are still regularly holding various sporting events and performances. It’s nice to see the Park still very much alive and well kept. It’s also comforting to see it being put to good use as a leisure place where citizens can unwind in a pleasant natural environment. As an Important landmark in the recent history of the city, Seoul Olympic Park and its glorious past can look forward to a promising future.

    Source: KTO Korea Tourism Organization