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  • Seoul Offers Support to Design Industry Struck by COVID-19 in the Form of KRW 2 Billion

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation will begin to support the design industry that was struck by COVID-19. A total of KRW 2 billion will be distributed to 1,000 creative design ideas owned by companies or individuals that will make the city of Seoul and citizens’ everyday lives richer while facing the new normal life that has come along with the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Each of the 1,000 selected ideas will be given prize money of KRW 1.9 million and advertised online and offline through building archives, such as White Papers.
    Ideas will be accepted from July 22 (Wed.) to August 12 (Wed.), and the theme is “Better Lives for Citizens through Design in the Era of COVID-19 and the New Normal.” Eligible applicants are design companies composed of less than four people or individual designers. Excellent ideas will be commercialized or put into practice after discussion in association with the “2012 Seoul Design Foundation Project.”
    The support fund mainly targets small-scale design companies, which account for more than 70% of Seoul-based design businesses, that are suffering direct hits by COVID-19 and even have difficulties securing basic operating expenses for survival.
    Those that are selected will also have the opportunity to exhibit the results of their ideas at the “2020 DDP Design Fair,” the project that supports the development of products through collaborations between small businesses and designers.
    The selection of 1,000 design companies and individuals will be performed through screenings of documents and ideas by experts. Mainly, the suitability, creativity, and expandability of the ideas will have assessed. The prize money will be provided from September 1 (Tues.) to 4 (Fri.), after the archival data for the selected ideas are submitted.