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  • Seoul Offers Support of KRW 500 Million for Amelioration of Housing Environments for the Elderly Living Alone

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    Seoul has stepped up to ameliorate the housing environments of the elderly with low income who are vulnerable to heat waves and cold waves.

    The city will be offering support in the form of funds for the installation of residential equipment, improvements and repairs, and heating and cooling in the houses with poor housing environments of the low-income elderly who are living alone. Including the participatory budgeting, a total of KRW 500 million will be invested into the project.

    Superficially, the housing environment improvements will include the installation and replacement of residential equipment to prepare for heat waves or cold waves, as well as the support for heating and cooling devices, installation of insect-proof nets, disinfection and insect control, installation of gas timers, installation of lamps and a remote controls, replacement of wallpaper and linoleum, replacement of deteriorated boilers, and more.

    The targets for support are recipients of basic living security and the elderly with a median income that is below 60%. The beneficiaries will be selected once the executing organization visits the houses of the elderly for offering tailor-made care services or visiting community services (a survey for vulnerable households).

    The housing environment amelioration project in preparation for cold weather started in January 2020 in order to prevent accidents and improve convenience.