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  • Seoul offers one-stop support at DMC for filmmakers

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    Seoul City is seeking to boost the Korean movie industry and the creation of value-added cultural content by providing one-stop support for filmmakers, from planning to production, in the DMC.

    The move comes as Seoul is turning itself into the next-generation national movie and cultural content hub. Currently, the city accounts for around 70 percent of the total sales of the local movie and cultural industries, and it is also home to many experts and financial and other movie-related infrastructure.

    To this end, Seoul City is planning to open the Production Office in the DMC complex in March. Along with the other movie-making space launched by the City in 2008, the office will make it possible for filmmakers to receive one-stop support in their movie-making efforts.

    Seoul City is also planning to help its citizens enjoy movies and cultural content.

    It will launch the so-called “1,000-won Happiness” program for movies, allowing its citizens to enjoy watching movies for just 1,000 won on the Monday of every third week of the month. Monday was chosen as it is the day when there is the fewest number of moviegoers. The move comes after a similar cultural-welfare program turned out to be a success in 2007 in the arts and performance areas.

    Meanwhile, Seoul City will designate the 10 most-loved locations where dramas and movies were shot over the past 10 years and turn them into popular tourist destinations.

    The City will select a total of 100 locations aiming to turn them into major tourism courses. Information on the sites will be translated into English, Chinese and Japanese in order to help entice visitors from abroad to the city.