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  • Seoul Offers DMZ Tour for Adolescents Disadvantaged in Terms of Travel

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    Seoul, in collaboration with Seoul City Tour, will provide support for adolescents who have relatively few opportunities to go on a trip due to their economic and social difficulties. For this purpose, the city will operate the “DMZ Tour with Seoul & Seoul City Tour Co., Ltd.” targeting over 70 disadvantaged adolescents from low-income or single-parent families.

    Seoul City has been running the tour support program in association with social contribution activities of private corporations since 2018. The program has been run based on private-public cooperation, with private companies offering economic resources and tour operation while the city of Seoul is responsible for promotion and participant recruitment through the public media. The 2nd tour program in 2019 will be operated again based on the MOU signed with Seoul City Tour to provide support for the tour for underprivileged adolescents.

    For the adolescents participating in the DMZ tour, the program will provide an opportunity to understand the modern history of the country and think about the meaning of peace between South Korea and North Korea. The course will include a tour of the Freedom Bridge, through which over 10,000 prisoners returned during the Korean War; the Imjingak Pavilion, where visitors can look at the land of North Korea across the Imjingang River; The 3rd Tunnel, where visitors can feel the reality of the division of Korea into South and North; the Dorasan Observatory, the northernmost observatory to look into the life of North Korea; Dorasan Station, the last station of Gyeongui Line in South Korea; and the War Memorial, where visitors can look back on the Korean War and the history of division.

    Seoul will operate this tour program targeting disadvantaged groups in terms of travel with the help of Seoul City Tour and other companies that want to collaborate with the city.