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  • Seoul Namsangol Hanok Village Dongji Season Feast

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    동지첨지 - 동짓날 팥죽을 먹어야 비로서 한 살 더 먹는다 - winter Solstice Festival  2018 남산골한옴가을 세시절기행사  2018 Namsangol Honok Village Season Feast 12. 22(SAT) 11:00 - 15:00 남산골한옥마을마당 동지첨지 | 동지책력 | 동지고사 | 동지공연 문의 | 02-2261-0517

    In light of dongji, the winter solstice, the Dongji Cheomchi Season Feast will be held on Dec. 22 at ‘Namsangol Hanok Village’ where visitors can experience the traditional Korean culture within a hanok. Tourists can get a taste of patjuk (red bean porridge) sharing, dongji gosa (winter solstice ancestral rites ceremony), a cheoyongmu dance performance, charm accessory workshop, and other seasonal customs during dongji.

    Korean ancestors considered dongji to be a pre-New Year’s celebration, calling it Dongji Cheomchi. They believed that one doesn’t age a year until patjuk is eaten. In fact, the reason for eating patjuk focused not upon aging, but rather to promote one’s health and evade misfortune. Namsangol Hanok Village is planned to offer 300 portions of patjuk to visitors in honor of such customs. Visitors can make their own small dumplings to enjoy with porridge as they meditate on the meaning of dongji cheomchi.

    The dongji gosa is set to be performed with visitors within a traditional hanok of Namsangol Hanok Village for one hour starting at 11 am. This day is known to have the longest night of the year, with a sacrifice being made to the spirits by cooking red bean gruel and sprinkling it around the house to ward off evil spirits.

    There will also be a class for the cheoyongmu dance performance to ward off evil spirits, a dongji charm accessory workshop writing the characters “사 (pronounced sa, meaning snake)” and adhering it onto the charm backwards to chase away minor spirits, a wish writing and burning of a sheaf upon Jeongwol Daeboreum, the 15th day of the first lunar month, and various other experiences of seasonal customs that chase away misfortune while wishing for blessings in the new year.

    Namsangol Hanok Village also plans to produce and sell a dongji almanac, inclusive of a 2019 New Year’s calendar, featuring traces of Korea’s modern history under the concept of late-Joseon in the 1890s. The calendar will be sold for 50% off its original price on the day of the solstice. This will provide visitors with the opportunity to start the new year with a uniquely rare calendar.

    For more information about the Namsangol Hanok Village event, including the Dongji Cheomchi Season Feast, please visit the Namsangol Hanok Village website (www.hanokmaeul.or.kr), while inquiries can be made directly to Namsangol Hanok Village via the following number (82-2-2291-0517).