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  • Seoul Music Festival

    00:00:00 Hey guys,
    00:00:01 I’m Myeong-Hoon.
    00:00:03 And I’m here out at Gwanghwamun.
    00:00:05 I came here to watch the Seoul Music Festival.
    00:00:16 Seoul promotes the “Global Music City Seoul” project so that anyone can watch music performances and enjoy music festivals anywhere throughout the four seasons.
    00:00:23 Seoul Music Festival provides stages not only for K-pop artists but for young people dreaming of becoming K-pop stars in the future.
    00:00:29 Ah, Yes please.
    00:00:30 Yes, Yes.
    00:00:31 So let’s get going.
    00:00:33 Hey guys, I’m in!
    00:00:35 So you guys see the stage?
    00:00:39 Awesome!!
    00:00:46 So yeah guys.
    I was out at the K-Pop, showing at Seoul Music Festival.
    00:00:50 And yeah,
    00:00:51 It was really nice.
    00:00:53 It was really cool experience for me.
    00:00:54 And there was whole lots of like awesome K-pop artists
    00:00:59 and there was a lot of K-pop fans.
    00:01:01 So yeah, it was real fun.
    00:01:03 Thank you.
    00:01:04 Seoul Music Festival (SMUF) is the first global music festival hosted by the Seoul City in 2019.
    You can meet K-Pop stars and experts who lead the Korean music industry, and enjoy performances by various music genres.
    00:01:11 Seoul Music Festival 2019 was held at Gwanghwamun Plaza from Sept. 28 to Oct. 6.
    As befits its slogan, “Global No.1 K-POP,” the festival drew many citizens and tourists who came from all over the world to enjoy K-Pop.