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  • Seoul Museum of History Special Exhibitions Now Accessible from Home

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    The Seoul Museum of History is set to offer online presentations of 181 exhibitions, including 61 exhibits from the Czech Exhibition (Korean) and 120 from the Moscow Exhibition (Korean, English), by fully launching the “Virtual Planned Exhibition Room,” an e-service version of its special exhibitions, on June 21.

    The museum will advance its museum e-service to the next level by presenting sceneries inside and outside the museum, permanent exhibitions, introductions of related materials, various special exhibitions, and exhibitions to be organized in the future, and will serve as a benchmark for other museums around the world.

    2011 schedule of special exhibitions at the Seoul Museum of History
    Exhibition Name Exhibition Period(Opening Date) Exhibits Remarks
    Enrique Stanko Vraz’s Visit to Seoul in 1901 April 14 ~ June 12(Apr 13) Exhibition of photos of Seoul taken by Czech Enrique Stanko Vraz when he visited Seoul in 1901.
    A Portrait of Moscow – A Special Exchange Exhibition May 20 ~ July 3(May 19) The past and present of Moscow
    Jungin (Middle Class) Culture – Special Exhibition of Seoul’s History and Culture July 19 ~ Sep 18(July 18) Exhibition showcasing the life and culture of the jungin (middle class), who lived in Hanyang (Seoul) and emerged as cultural leaders during the late Joseon Dynasty.
    Subway Line 1 Sep 6 ~ Oct 2(Sep 5) Exhibition of the modern life of Korean people reflected through the musical Subway Line 1, which takes a close look at contemporary Korean society.
    Moscow Exhibition Tour Oct ~ Dec Exhibition of materials that display the cultural identity of Seoul. Moscow
    Myeong-dong Story – General Exhibition of Half Century of Seoul Dec 15, 2011 ~ Feb 26, 2012(Dec 14) By looking back into the history of the transition of Myeong-dong, the hub of consumption and culture in Seoul, this exhibition helps visitors to understand the process of change and the history of Seoul and to rediscover its values.

    How to view special exhibitions through the virtual planned exhibition room

    – Click the pop-up at the center of the Seoul Museum of History’s website (museum.seoul.kr), or announcement, or directly click the following addresses to access
    – Enrique Stanko Vraz’s Visit to Seoul in 1901: http://www.cgcm.go.kr/CHM_HOME/jsp/MM03/vr/01/vr.jsp
    – A Portrait of Moscow (Korean): http://www.cgcm.go.kr/CHM_HOME/jsp/MM03/vr/02/vr.jsp
    – A Portrait of Moscow (English): http://www.cgcm.go.kr/CHM_HOME/jsp/MM03/vr/03/vr.jsp

    Viewing tip: When visiting the virtual planned exhibition room on the right-hand side of the computer screen, you can comfortably view the exhibitions by clickingFull Screen Mode . Please press the “Esc” key to exit the “full screen.”

    Images presented at the virtual planned exhibition room

    Entrance to the Exhibition Room (Enrique Stanko Vraz’s Visit to Seoul in 1901), Entrance to the Exhibition Room (A Portrait of Moscow)

    Internal View of the Exhibition Room, View of the Exhibition Room (Eenlarged Image of Nakseonjae, Changdeokgung Palace)