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  • Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Starts Campaign to Yield Seats to Expectant Moms on the Subway

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    Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, which runs Subway Lines 5 ~ 8, started on July 18 a campaign to yield seats to expectant moms on the subway. It will hold the campaign every second Thursday of the month until October.

    Each subway car has seats reserved for senior citizens and expectant moms. Young expectant moms in the early stage of pregnancy hesitate to take a seat on one of the reserved seats since their pregnancy is still not obvious. Some women claimed to have experienced such an awkward situation.

    In response to such, the subway corporation decided to carry out a campaign for expectant moms. On October 10 as Expectant Moms’ Day, the subway corporation will launch a large-scale campaign in cooperation with nearby public health centers at major subway stations.

    The subway corporation is also giving out bag tags identifying expectant moms to ensure they are paid attention. The bag tag is provided to all expectant moms presenting an expectant mom’s handbook at the customer center or information desk at each station of Subway Lines 5 ~ 8.

    Campaign promotion material

    Bag tags to identify an expectant mom