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  • Seoul Metropolitan Library’s First Exhibition in 2018

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    Seoul Metropolitan Library’s First Exhibition in 2018

    How does it sound to come up with New Year’s resolutions with books at the Seoul Metropolitan Library? From Jan. 2 to Feb. 4 in six collection rooms and the exhibition room on first floor, the Seoul Metropolitan Library will showcase the Preview of 2018: Reading Trends with Books, Up-cycling Pop-up Playground Exhibition and other exhibition programs.

    Preview of 2018: Reading Trends with Books will be held on different subject matters in six collection rooms including the Disability Collections, General Collections I~II, Digital Collections, Seoul Document Collections and Global Collections, and Up-cycling Pop-up Playground Exhibition will be in session in the Exhibition Room from Jan. 9 until Feb. 4.

    ‘Theme Book Exhibition,’ to be held in six collection rooms of the Seoul Metropolitan Library, continues to select documents from among existing documents so that citizens will take interest in reading and library visits will be revitalized. A variety of library documents will be available on detailed subjects including, Show Us Your Ability, Trend 2018, The New Year of 2018 in Books, Health Preview of 2018, The Year of the Golden Dog, New Policies of Seoul City in 2018, and Things that can happen in the near future.

    In General Collections II, books on health management for living beyond 100 years to reach 120 years will be available in the exhibit of ‘Health Preview of 2018,’ and the exhibit of ‘The Year of the Golden Dog’ will showcase actors born in the golden year and their filmographies in Digital Collections.

    Also, ‘New Policies of Seoul City in 2018’ in Seoul Document Collections will examine the policies that were put into effect over the past four years, and also those Seoul City policies that will be spotlighted and newly improved will be examined centering on keywords such as youth, Day Care Center, Community Service Center, etc. In Global Collections, readers will be presented with books that look at the human future where expectations for change and the fear of unpredictability coexist, and have a chance to consider where our future and the human race may be headed.

    The Up-cycling Pop-up Playground Exhibition was designed to help citizens realize the importance of the environment and gain a new understanding of the value of picture books, helping them to let their imaginations fly. It will be held in the Exhibition Room on the first floor of the Seoul Metropolitan Library.
    ※ Up-cycling: adding designs or applications to recycled products to add value to and recreate the products.

    The Theme Book Exhibits in January and the Up-cycling Pop-up Playground Exhibition can be accessed by all free of charge during library operation hours (closed on Mondays). For more information, refer to website of the Seoul Metropolitan Library homepage (lib.seoul.go.kr).