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  • Seoul Metropolitan Library Membership in a Credit Card

  • Press Releases SMG 2096
    • – From June 17 (Tues), Seoul Metropolitan Library will upgrade its membership issuance service.
    • – With the service renewal, a credit card with transport card function can be used as the library membership card.
    • – Those who already have the library membership can add the membership function to a credit card.
    • – The renewal service is expected to make the library more accessible and convenient to frequent, without increasing a number of card inside of the wallet.

    A Seoul Metropolitan Library official said the library will renew its membership issuance service, allowing credit card with transport card function to be used as the library membership card.

    So far, citizens had to visit the Digital Collection Room on the second floor of the library to apply for the library membership card. With the renewed membership card service, one will able to use their other cards such as credit card with transport function or Student ID card as their library membership card. But only a card that entails transport card function can be used as the membership card.

    With the renewal service of membership card issuance, not only those who want to have a card issued but also those who already have one can add the membership on their credit card with transport card function.

    Until now, in case of lost or damaged the membership card, the person had to pay a little amount of fees for reissuance. However, there are no reissuance fees if a person wants to add the library membership function on their credit card.

    One can visit the Seoul Metropolitan Library website for more information in the ‘Use of Library /Library Card Issuance’.:http://lib.seoul.go.kr/www/html/ko/guideInfo.jsp

    Seoul Metropolitan Library believes that the renewal membership card issuance service will make it more convenient for citizens to become a member of the library, reducing any inconvenience that used to be entailed to the additional card issuance. At the same time, it is expected that the Library will save the costs of card issuance with the renewal service.

    As of now, Seoul Metropolitan Library has about 77,435 members, with around 100 new members enrolled a day.

    Seoul Metropolitan Library, which has become an integral part of Seoul citizens’ lives as a place to study, read and rest, will keep upgrading its service, making the library more accessible for every citizen.