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  • Seoul Metropolitan Library holds Bukansan and Seoul City Wall exhibition

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    An exhibition entitled Bukansan Mountain and Seoul City Wall is being held on the first floor of the Seoul Metropolitan Library from December 9 to December 28, 2014.

    Over 100 sketches of Bukansan Mountain and Seoul City Wall are being displayed to show people how Seoul (previously known as Hanyang) was built based on the topography of Bukhansan, and how its history and culture have developed.

    The sketches look much like the design drawings of an architect, displaying nice views of the mountain, the castle walls, and royal palaces. The exhibition is open to the public during library hours free of charge.

    For inquiries, please call: Seoul Metropolitan Library (2133-0245).

    Website: http://lib.seoul.go.kr/www/html/en/main.jsp

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    Bukhansan as viewed from Gwanaksan

    Upper ridges of Bukansan as viewed from Samobawi Rock

    • Daedongmun Gate
    • A view of Bukansan