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  • Seoul Metropolitan Governments Starts New Policies to “Provide Ample Benefits and Convenient Living” in 2012

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    Beginning in 2012, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will pay childrearing subsidies, which were only paid to households with an income in the bottom 70%, to all families with children aged five or less who use childcare centers, regardless of their income levels. This measure will ease the burden of childrearing costs for citizens.

    The beneficiaries of environmentally friendly free meals will be expanded to include students at public elementary schools and first graders in middle school to benefit a total of 598,000 students. Also, halved tuition fees at the University of Seoul will be introduced, as the city’s government spearheads efforts to ease the burden of tuition fees for students.

    On December 27, Seoul announced 52 items for its “New Seoul City Policies and Changes in Citizens’ Living for 2012,” in six areas, which call for these items and other measures.

    Notably, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said it has focused on the welfare and education fields, which are closely linked to living in Seoul in order to ease its citizens of the burden of living in Seoul.

    The “New Seoul City Policies for 2012” are changes that will be made as the Seoul Metropolitan Government improves its policies and measures in linkage with the changes in laws and regulations, or seeks to help enhance the quality of citizens’ life. Anyone can access the information through the city’s government website: (http://ebook.seoul.go.kr).

    “Women, Welfare, and Health” area
    – Provision of free childrearing for children aged five
      (provision of entire tuition expenses when a child aged five uses a childcare center)
    – Expansion of support for single-parent families
    – Expansion of the exemption on the tap water supply to people under the government’s basic welfare policy
    – Provision of special consolation allowance for the families of people who died or who have suffered for
      the benefit of the general public
    – Operation of Seoul Memorial Park (cremation facilities)
    – Expansion of outdoor non-smoking areas

    “Education and Culture” area
    – Expansion of the provision of free school lunches to elementary and middle school students
    – Introduction of half-price tuition for students of the University of Seoul
    – Provision of interest on college student loans
    – Matinee Concert – Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert in our neighborhoods

    “Economy” area
    – Hike in the water supply and drainage fees
    – Change of reduction in the acquisition tax for the trading of homes, and a change in the filing and
      payment period of acquisition taxes on the inheritance of homes

    The “Housing and Environment” area
    – Expansion of housing (college student housing) supply
    – Creation of a park at a deserted railroad in Munjeong-dong
    – Restoration of Suseong-dong Valley
    – Implementation of an asbestos safety management system
    – Expansion of public facilities that are subject to indoor air quality management

    The “Transportation and Safety” area
    – Implementation of a taxi driver’s license penalty point system
    – Compulsory reporting to authorities of small motorbikes with a 50-cc engine or smaller,
       and the obligatory purchase of insurance policies for these types of bikes
    – Installation of a central bus stop at Suyu Station along Dobong-ro and Mia-ro
    – Detention of the license plates of cars whose owners have overdue administrative fines
    – Expansion of the scope of buildings and facilities that are subject to special fire prevention inspection

    The “Citizens’ Participation” area
    – Expansion of the services that are provided free of charge through Seoul Metropolitan Government’s public apps