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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Good Policies to be Introduced Worldwide through KF

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government’s good policies, administrative know-how, and urban development-related experiences will be introduced to foreign countries through the Korea Foundation (KF).

    Established in 1991 as a body affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), KF carries out activities designed to help foreign countries have correct understanding of the country and promote friendship with them.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to create synergistic effects using the know-how of KF on exchanging with foreign countries.

    KF engages in public diplomatic programs including the promotion of Korean studies in foreign countries, cultural exchanges, provision of support for publication/film, and invitation of foreign celebrities.

    In this connection, Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon and KF President Yu Hyun Seok signed an MOU for mutual collaboration during a ceremony held at the Seoul City Hall in the afternoon of August 26.

    The two organizations will cooperate on the following: introduction of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s good policies and urban development-related experiences to foreign countries, KF’s invitation of foreign dignitaries, international forums, global seminars, Seoul Metropolitan Government’s invitation of local government officials from other countries, mutual exchange of publications and films, collaboration in academic, cultural, and exchange programs with foreign countries, sharing each other’s domestic network of operation, etc.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to share its good policies and administrative know-how with foreign countries through programs operated by KF, such as invitation of foreign dignitaries, international forums, global seminars, etc.

    Foreign countries have expressed interest in Seoul Metropolitan Government’s good policies related to the following: Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (bus-only lanes in the middle of the road; Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp. (SMRT)/Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corp. (subway); Yeongdeungpo Arisu Center (water supply); Mapo Resource Recovery Facility/World Cup Park (waste recycling); Cheong Gye Cheon Museum (Cheonggyecheon (Stream)); Amsa Bridge (bridge over a stream); Magok/DMC (energy/environment), etc.

    Through public diplomatic programs such as international forums and global seminars and in areas related to academic and art events including Korean studies, the two organizations will cooperate to publicize success cases of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s operation and lessons learned from failure.