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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Wins ‘Best Booth Award’ at Beijing International Tourism Expo

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government won the “Best Booth Award” at the Beijing International Tourism Expo 2011, which took place in the Chinese capital from June 17 to 19.

    “Dance if you love me” performance , “The Face Shop” makeup show

    The City Government conducted various promotional events, including a sweepstake quiz show on Seoul tourism, darts tournaments, photo events, and a royal hanbok (traditional Korean costume) experience event. It also installed a Jeju PR corner within the Seoul City booth, and conducted joint marketing campaigns to promote tour products that interlink Seoul and Jeju tours, attracting keen attention from visitors.

    Crowds packing Seoul City booth , Counseling booth for travel agencies

    As if to demonstrate the hallyu (Korean Wave) fever that has hit China in recent years and the Chinese people’s attraction to Korean cosmetics and its ongoing popularity, The Face Shop Makeup Show and a dance-musical performance called “Dance If You Love Me” attracted more than 200 spectators on average throughout the event. Leading media organizations including BTV and bjnews competed fiercely to cover the events.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government not only held diverse events catering to female visitors but also invited a total of twelve organizations, including its medical tourism partners Kangnam Samsung Plastic Surgery and Jeong Won Plastic Surgery, to jointly attend the expo, thereby proactively providing counseling on medial tourism products to travel agencies and visitors at the event, and using the occasion to attract foreign tourists to Seoul.