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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Test Run Tri-color Arrow Traffic Signals

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency will install and test run tri-color ‘arrow’ traffic signals that meet the international standards on the 2km-long section of road between the Dongsipjagak and Sungnyemun intersections from April 20. The measure is being taken in line with international standards to help Korean and foreign motorists to drive safely without being confused by traffic lights when driving in the city, in a bid to keep abreast of the globalization trend.

    The new tri-color traffic signal meets the international standards, and provides clear signs for directions and traffic lanes. It is hoped that if motorists accurately learn and adapt themselves to the traffic signaling system early on, they will easily be able to recognize left-turn signals, which will further increase their convenience when driving.

    As well as allowing a period of grace to enable citizens to adapt to the new system, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to install in phases the new tri-color arrow lights, while the conventional four-color traffic lights should be replaced with the expiry of their lifespan, after test running the new system. However, the city plans to maintain the conventional four-color traffic lighting system where concurrent direct left-turn signs must be maintained due to the structure of the road or where there is excessive traffic volume.

    In order to minimize the confusion and inconvenience that may result from the change in the traffic lighting system, the city has decided to install “No turning on the red arrow” signs at intersections where the tri-color traffic light is adopted.

    Following the installation of the tri-color traffic lights on the test section, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to monitor their effect on traffic and continue correcting any problems, before expanding their introduction to central bus-only lane streets and other areas in the city.

    Examples of the new traffic lights
    Change of four-color light Current
    Test run
    Planned improvement of traffic light in the future
    Change of tri-color light Current
    Test run
    Change of tri-color light(right turn) Current
    Test run
    Test run