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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Stage Pansori Performance in English

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     Pansori Heungboga performance The Seoul Metropolitan Government will present a Pansori Storytelling performance complete with English narration to enable foreigners to easily understand pansori, a traditional Korean genre of narrative song designated as an Important Intangible Asset of Korea and as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The event will be staged at Haechi Hall in the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center, which is located on the fifth floor of M Plaza in Myeong-dong 2(i)-ga, at 3 pm every Monday until December 12.

    The Pansori Storytelling performance will feature the main scenes of “Heungboga” and Chunhyangga,” which count among the Five Pansori Madangs (stories) that are usually performed as a full story.

    For the performance, a myeongchang (master vocal) will narrate each scene in song, after which Kim Seung-a, Korea’s Global Storyteller No. 1, will explain in English the contents of the scenes, and the related history, traditions, folklore and tales of Korea.

    In addition, the event will present experience-focused performances that go beyond the style of conventional performances that have been staged thus far, including the learning of useful Korean expressions through pansori, and gugak (traditional Korean music) childhood songs, Korean cultural traditions to which most foreigners have had very limited access.

    For further details on the performance, please visit the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center’s website (http://seoultourism.kr). Up to 200 people will be admitted on the day on a first come, first served basis, free of charge.