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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Provide Positive Support for Photovoltaic Power Generation Facilities for Buildings

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a policy for all-directional support to invigorate the small-scale photovoltaic power generation system, which is riddled with many difficulties, such as short hours, high rent, construction expense, sale of RECs, etc. Said system is a method of production and sale of power using a device usually installed on the rooftop of a building.

    As the core of the newly announced policy, the city will pay subsidy depending on the amount of power generated, i.e., 50 won per 1 KWh of power generated using a small-scale (50KW or less) photovoltaic power generation system and have power generation businesses, including SK, purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from up to 100 photovoltaic power generation businesses. Said points are the most difficult problems experienced by small-scale photovoltaic power generation businesses in Seoul.

    Furthermore, the city will install a mini-photovoltaic power generation system in 100 households on a trial basis. The system can be easily installed at an apartment balcony and help the household save on power charge. The city will inform each building whether it can install such facility at its rooftop and provide Seoul Sunlight Map to encourage individual buildings to install the system.


    Concerning the lease of Seoul Metropolitan Government-owned land for photovoltaic power generation, the city decided to impose rent based on power generation capacity rather than on the official land price. For the installation of a 100KW photovoltaic power station on the rooftop of the Sejong Center and Seonam Sewage Treatment Center, for example, 120 million won and 4.5 million, respectively, used to be charged as monthly rent based on official land price; under the new system, however, monthly rent of 25,000 won/KW will be charged regardless of land price.