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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Manage Indoor Air Quality of 400 Facilities

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 3082

    Facilities selected in 2012 for their exemplary indoor air quality

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to provide free indoor air quality consulting service for childcare centers, maternity care centers, welfare facilities for senior citizens, cinemas, private teaching institutes, and PC bang as in last year. This year, the number of beneficiary facilities will be increased by 150 to 400.

    This summer, the risk of microbial propagation is high due to high humidity. The unusually hot weather prompts facilities to use air conditioners often, which is likely to result in poor indoor air quality. Thus, the service schedule was moved up to July this year.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide the service of measurement, diagnosis, and consulting concerning indoor air quality between July 22 and October 31 for 400 facilities at the request of the 25 autonomous district offices. This year, private educational institutes with total floor space of 1,000㎡ or larger are newly included in the scope of the service following the amendment of the relevant law.

    Experts of Seoul Metropolitan Government-designated institutions will check the status and give tips on how to manage indoor air quality at each facility.

    In 2014, the service will be expanded to households in semi-base floors, small childcare facilities, and private educational institutes.