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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Issue Prescription for Energy Efficiency to Schools

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government carried out energy use diagnosis targeting 106 schools in the city between November 2012 and January 2013, checked the loss factors, and informed the schools of ways of saving energy.

    According to the diagnosis, the schools’ energy use consisted of power (74%) (for lighting, heating, and air conditioning) and heat (26%) (for the supply of hot water and cooking at the cafeteria).

    Seoul Metropolitan Government selected a school (Daedo Elementary School) whose energy facilities are dilapidated and carried out the installation of heat-insulated windows so that students can study in classrooms with a comfortable atmosphere all year round.

    The work was part of the energy saving campaign (Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants) initiated by Seoul Metropolitan Government and nationwide efforts for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government is making efforts to install photovoltaic power generation facilities on the rooftop of school buildings in consultation with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, offering to provide free energy use diagnosis and financial support for schools adopting such system.