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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Improve the Educational Environment at Foreign Schools of Non-OECD Nations

  • Integrated News SMG 1817

    Seoul Metropolitan Government is rolling up its sleeves in readiness to improve the educational environment in the foreign schools of non-OECD nations in Seoul.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide subsidies of up to 20 million won per school with the aim of improving the educational environment of the foreign schools of non-OECD nations on the basis of an evaluation conducted on April 14.

    Non-OECD schools in Seoul include three Chinese schools, namely, the Overseas Chinese School, the Overseas Chinese Primary School, and the Yeongdeungpo Overseas Chinese Primary School; as well as the Korea Mongol School.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has been providing subsidies since 2009, as part of its overall goal of establishing itself as a foreigner-friendly global city. The schools in question have used the funds to purchase tools and materials, renovate rundown facilities, install electronic blackboards, replace school walls, and hire Korean language teachers.

    An official of the Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “There are 21 foreign schools in Seoul, of which those of non-OECD countries have often experienced greater difficulties in terms of running things generally. In order to ensure that foreigners can live in the city without worrying about their children’s education, we will seek to attract high quality foreign schools, and provide various types of assistance to help existing schools to continue operating in a stable manner.”