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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to Hold International Energy Conference; Renowned Scholars to be Invited

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the International Energy Conference on November 13 at the City Hall by inviting ten world-renowned scholars such as Amory B. Lovins, founder and senior research fellow of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and Allan Jones, an officer responsible for energy and climate change-related matters at the Sidney.

    Natural disasters occurring frequently here and there around the world are a sign of climate change accelerating. Most of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change are being generated from energy overconsumption in large cities.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the conference held this time to provide an opportunity to share a sense of crisis regarding such phenomena and to remind large cities including Seoul of their responsibility and role in energy saving.

    Participants will discuss the need to formulate energy policies that will enable humankind to survive without energies and ensure the conservation of Mother Earth in a sustainable manner.

    Commenting on the event, a Seoul City official said the best choice that will save the Earth from the crisis of climate change is large cities’ positive development of sustainable energy policies. “This conference is expected to open a new chapter in the expansion of the use of recycled energy and the energy saving campaign (Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants) initiated by Seoul City,” he noted.