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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government to hold Briefing Session on Tourism in Osaka to Promote Japanese Tourists’ Revisits to Seoul

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    Visits to Korea by Japanese tourists have been discouraged due to the strong yen and tensions in Northeast Asia including those between the two Koreas. To encourage them to travel to Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization are sending their representatives along with ten other personnel from the local tourism industry to Osaka, Japan on Thursday, May 30. They will be holding a briefing session on tourism in Seoul for a total of 90 travel planners in Japanese travel agencies.

    The briefing session in Osaka will be the first in three years. Given the characteristics of Japanese tourists who tend to visit Korea more than once, the session will focus on new tourism resources of Seoul along with the government’s travel agency support programs.

    In addition, the following five tourism-related institutions in Seoul will take part in the Travel Mart of the session: Jeongdong Theater (“Miso”), PMC (“Nanta”), Samsung d’light (Samsung Corporate PR Hall), Lotte World, and K-shuttle travel agency (US Travel).

    The presentation on the tourism resources of Seoul will introduce not just Japanese tourists’ favorite shopping destinations in Seoul and Hallyu (Korean Wave) tourism spots but also diverse walking tours as well as the recently rebuilt National Treasure No. 1, Sungnyemun Gate, among others. The presentation will also deal with Seoul Metropolitan Government’s new tourism policies summed up by three keywords: “Satisfaction Seoul,” “Vitality Seoul,” and “Charm Seoul.” Full of historical stories over a millennium, the capital of Korea is expected to appeal strongly to overseas travel experts in Japan.

    Since it is the first meeting between the travel industries in Seoul and Kansai since 2010, there will be lot of things to be discussed between the two sides including Japan’s latest overseas tourism trends and Japanese tourists’ preferred Seoul tour program composition. The two sides are expected to obtain positive results through active business negotiations.